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Forensic Accountant 

An Experienced Forensic Accountant and Fraud Examiner

Are you worried that you or your business may be a victim of fraud? Then you may want to consider hiring a forensic accountant to take a look at your books. At Michael A. Ross, CPA, P.C. we are a forensic accounting firm dedicated to helping clients uncover financial irregularities.

Running a business is hard. While you can do your best to supervise all your team members and business partners, it's often difficult to tell if something is amiss until it's too late. If you notice suspicious activity in your accounting or business processes but aren't sure of the cause, a forensic accountant can help.

The job of a forensic accountant is to analyze complex financial matters and investigate potential misconduct. There may be a plausible explanation, or it may be an instance of fraud, which must be dealt with appropriately.

A forensic accountant will be able to carefully analyze your books and financial reports to discover any malicious activity. While it's never easy to allege fraud on the part of business partners, management or employees, it may come down to that as part of the forensic remediation process.

Michael A. Ross, CPA, P.C. is a forensic accounting firm that has the knowledge and experience to uncover fraud and business irregularities. If you are concerned that you or your business is a victim of theft, misappropriation, or fraud, please contact us. We offer an array of forensic accounting services to help you identify fraudulent misconduct and take steps to get your business back on track. Call or email us if you need a dedicated and experienced forensic accountant in the Orange County, CA or Dallas, TX area. 

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