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Orange County Forensic Accountant, Dallas Forensic Accountant

Forensic Accounting is the practice of examining financial statements, evaluating systems of internal control, and examining other data to ascertain instances of fraud. At Michael A. Ross CPA, P.C., we focus on forensic accounting and fraud detection. We've helped numerous clients uncover malicious activity and institute remedial controls to better detect and prevent problems in the future.

Michael Ross started the firm in 1989 and has been practicing public accounting for 33 years. Today, we operate in two locations: Orange County, CA, and Dallas, TX. If you need an Orange County Forensic Accountant or a Dallas forensic accountant, we are able to serve you locally.

Michael A. Ross, CPA, P.C. is a forensic accounting firm that has the knowledge and experience to uncover fraud and business irregularities. If you are concerned that you or your business is a victim of theft, misappropriation, or fraud, please contact us. We offer an array of forensic accounting services to help you identify fraudulent misconduct and take steps to get your business back on track. Call or email us if you need a dedicated and experienced forensic accountant in the Orange County, CA or the Dallas, TX area. 

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