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Fraud Accountant

An Experienced Fraud Accountant Dedicated to Service Excellence

Fraud can often derail a business, depending on how severe it is and how long it's been going on. If you are a business owner or individual and suspect you may be the victim of fraud, we can look over your books and financial records to determine if there is evidence of fraudulent misconduct.

Fraud isn't always easy to spot as there are many ways that bad actors can use financial tricks and bad accounting practices to manipulate the books and make it seem like everything is normal. While there could be a perfectly logical explanation for the unusual activity you're noticing, your instincts may tell you that something is amiss.

As a fraud accountant, we will carefully examine and evaluate evidence of misconduct and work with your attorney to prepare a legal case as necessary. We are also able to provide expert witness testimony as may be needed.


Over the years we've helped many clients uncover instances of fraud as well as implement preventive controls to mitigate the risk of fraud occurring in the future. Should you need a fraud CPA, please give feel free to give us a call. 

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