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  • Michael A. Ross, CPA, CFE, CVA, CFF

Getting a Divorce? You Might Need a Divorce Accountant...

There are many reasons people get divorced. Some couples may have grown apart and no longer have the same interests or goals. Other couples may have problems that cannot be resolved through discussion or compromise. Sometimes, one or both spouses may cheat on each other. Whatever the cause, when a couple gets divorced, their lives and financial affairs become complicated and uncertain. It can be difficult to keep track of all the money and assets that are involved. A divorce accountant can help to manage all the finances involved in a divorce, and they can also help to ensure that each person is treated fairly.

Some duties a divorce lawyer may be responsible for include:

Helping you divide marital assets…

When a couple gets a divorce, one of the most overwhelming tasks they face is dividing their assets. A divorce accountant can help you make this process smooth and painless. They can help you determine which assets are marital and which are separate, and they can help you come up with a fair division of property. If you have questions about alimony, child support, or other financial matters, your accountant can provide answers and advice. Having an experienced professional on your side can make the divorce process much less stressful.

Representing one party in negotiations or court proceedings…

Divorce can present a dreadful time for both parties. One party may need legal representation to negotiate or litigate their divorce. A divorce accountant can represent one party in court proceedings related to the divorce. This is especially important when the couple has children who may be affected by the divorce. In this great time of need, they are there to help the family. They can provide accurate information about the financial implications of a divorce, help with drafting agreements, and help navigate through the legal system.

Providing forensic accountants' information to their clients…

A good divorce accountant's office will offer full-service help for forensic analysis. Forensic accountants can help to uncover the truth about a person’s financial situation. It can be difficult to know if a spouse is telling the full story about their assets. Can they be hiding something from each other? A forensic accountant will work with a client to uncover information that could apply to their case. They can be hired to help you understand what information is available to you. These legal experts will also help investigate financial records, documents, electronic data, and other evidence. In a nutshell, they are highly trained to analyze financial records, business accounting and tax issues.

Overall, divorce accountants are responsible for a variety of tasks that help to ensure a smooth and fair divorce. By working with one, all your financial matters are taken care of and you receive a fair settlement. If you are considering divorce, be sure to consult with reputable legal representatives to get started on the process. In the end, they will be able to make the transition to the next chapter of your life more manageable.

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